20+ Brutally Honest Illustrations By Gerhard Haderer Show What’s Wrong With Today’s Society

Art has a magical and transformative way of taking you under its wing and showing you a world you never thought possible. Very rarely, artists use their talent to also communicate an important idea behind it.

The idea of creating for social change has been around for a great deal of time. Since the first political or satirical cartoons, to plays like Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin which would revolutionize the world and help Lincoln enact the Emancipation Proclamation. Creating for social change is both an admirable idea and a brave one. Many might not agree with what you have to say or do, but that doesn’t stop a true artist from communicating how they feel. That is precisely what Australian artist Gerhard Haderer does with his work. Many of his illustrations are of a political or social issue, creatively finding ways to express these issues through imagery that is both as provocative as it is beautiful.

The following 25 images from Gerhard Haderer art will leave you thinking about whats wrong with the world around us with these political illustrations that scream social change.

1) Pictures At The Beach: There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunset. The brilliant colors that appear as a result of the sun’s light reflecting off our atmosphere have been admired by artists and people since the beginning of time. Here, Gerhard Haderer makes a political comment about the age of smartphones, and the obsession or need to capture the moment in time rather than just enjoy it. Maybe next time you see a sunset, just enjoy the moment.

2) Corporate Greed: We can’t think of any greater example of an image that depicts corporate greed than this political illustration of a business tycoon using a stick to shove as much money down his throat as possible. This political illustration is quite telling, and Gerhard Haderer pulls no stops at expressing what he thinks about corporate greed.

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