25 Incredible #2012vs2018 Transformations Prove People Can Become Totally Unrecognizable In Just 6 Years

Six years can do a lot for a person. In 6 years we can change our hairstyle, change careers, change our address. We can take on a new hobby, hone a skill, change our lifestyle, find a new partner or stick with the same one. The options are endless and the results are great! Here are 25 people who gladly entered themselves in the hashtag #2012vs2018 to show off some incredible transformations.

1. Sometimes six years can change everything, while other times it can barely change anything at all. Such a case is with this Instagram user, who used the #2012vs2018 hashtag to show off a not-so-incredible transformation. He listed something all people in their twenties are struggling with; working a lot and stressing about the future. Some of our obstacles aren’t as easily changed in a few years, and sometimes our bodies aren’t either. The solution? Put on a shirt that lets you fake some muscle and feel accomplished anyways.

2. Others shared their transgender transformation and the before and afters are incredible! Not only because, as this Instagram user accurately states, 2018 is a great year for a ‘glo up,’ but because it allows users to show how happy they are after their transformations and this is a perfect example. Although the person on the left looks happy (who wouldn’t when a dolphin is kissing their cheek?), the person on the right exudes confidence.

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