25 Easter Eggs You May Not Have Spotted In ‘The Incredibles’

The Incredibles was a smash hit with both critics and audiences alike. While many of us are familiar with Pixar’s superhero family, there are quite a few things you might not have noticed in the 2004 film. There are many Easter eggs sprinkled throughout, and despite countless rewatches, many fans overlook them. Here are 25 clever little details hidden in The Incredibles.

1. Two Men At End: At the end of the film, there are two old men seen walking on the street. Many people may have overlooked these two characters, but they were designed to pay homage to Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two Disney animation legends. Both Thomas and Johnston also lent their voices for these characters.

2. Out Of The Purse: When the thief steals a purse, he goes to the rooftop of a building to empty out all of its contents. If you look closely at the items that are coming out of the purse, you might have noticed a PEZ dispenser. However, it isn’t any old PEZ dispenser, but a Mr. Incredible one. 

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