20+ Hilarious Times Shops Made Their Customers Laugh Out Loud

Independent businesses seem to be more and more anomalous with the addition of big franchises into nearly every neighborhood. Companies like Walmart often put smaller independent stores out of business when they are built into a neighborhood.

That’s why, when you do discover an independent business that is thriving, chances are because the owners allow for a little more flare and unexpected charm. This charm can manifest itself in many ways, one of which is often humor. Humor is the bedrock of any good outlook on life, and using humor in your store is a great way of getting your customers laughing.

Laughter is infectious, creating an amazing environment that people want to continue coming back to again and again. Have you ever gone to a store in a small tourist destination town where funny signs or silly puns run amok? Have you laughed at the window display of your local Hardware store? A great way to support independent business is to make sure you seek out these funny mom and pop stores where you can.  Well if so, then this list is for you. Check out these 20+ hilarious times shops made their customers laugh out loud.

1) This Carrot Display: Someone working at this local independent grocery store decided it would be a funny idea to change up their carrot display to make it more seasonal during the winter by labeling it “Snowman Noses” instead of carrots. Get it? Because you use carrots as snowman noses. Very clever!

2) This Butcher Shop: According to the person who posted this picture, this local butcher shop decided to mount a ‘vegetarian’ on the wall next to these deer heads. A humorous sign to communicate to any would-be vegetarians out there that this store means business when it comes to serving meat.

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