25 Things That Just Aren’t Right

“Welcome…” says Charlie “to the first ever meeting of the Conspiracy Club”

You scoff at that. It’s hardly a club, heck it’s not even a group, it’s just you and your friend Charlie. He’s got on this recent kick about conspiracies and evil shadowy organizations controlling everything, and you’re just here so that he stays out of trouble. Charlie lays out 25 pictures out on the table, spreading them around so that you can both see.

“These” he begins “are 25 Things That Just Aren’t Right. We need to find the connection between these things that just aren’t right to find out who’s behind all this”. Great. There goes YOUR afternoon.

1. Penguin. “This one” says Charlie, holding up this picture “is a doozy, but I think I’ve found what’s wrong with it. You see, the reflection of the light indicates a warm to medium heat climate, but the tan on the men’s skin implies they live somewhere with medium to high heat. I believe that our evil overlord is living in somewhere… with medium heat.”

2. No neck. Before you can mention the penguin, Charlie is onto the next picture. “These animals. They’re small, they are SMALL-er than their real-life counterparts. Small, five letters, five is less than six, 666 is the number of the beast! Our evil overlord lives somewhere with 666 in the address.”

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