25 Kitchen Crimes That Were Anything But Victimless

In the realm of kitchen justice, there are those who uphold order and maintain the integrity of cooking. On the opposite side, there are the people who commit kitchen crimes so heinous, so unspeakably malevolent, that they should not be witnessed by anyone. These groups are continually at odds with each other. The brave souls who practice kitchen justice are the kind of people who know that time and effort result in a delicious meal. They know that fresh ingredients and flavors that blend well are the keys to great cooking. The kitchen criminals who commit all sorts of kitchen crimes are exactly the opposite. These culinary anarchists are willing to dump anything on top of anything else and call it dinner. They are the ones who call what they do “cooking” and “being creative,” but they are only fooling themselves. These are some of the worst kitchen crimes committed by people, and we apologize in advance if these images make you lose your appetite.

1. Fraudulent Representation Of Garbage Dish As ‘Pizza’: This kitchen crime is fairly minor in the sense that the dish itself probably doesn’t taste that bad. However, calling something ‘pizza’ simply because it has cheese and toppings on it is completely unacceptable. This person’s kitchen crime is punishable by minor roof-of-the-mouth burns from the non-pizza.

2. Improperly housing live food items in the kitchen fridge: That is not what the crisper drawer is for! Sure, it may hold water, and it may be cold, but it certainly is not meant for live fish. This kind of thing is just going way too far for freshness. The punishment for this crime would be to carry that drawer back to the pond and set all those fish free.

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