25 Little Disasters Worth A Lot Of Laughs

There are big disasters, and then there are little disasters. Sometimes a house catches fire, sometimes you burn your tongue on hot pizza. Sometimes a silo tips over, sometimes you spill your milkshake. The points is, the little disasters can have almost as much impact as the big ones, depending on where you’re standing (like the silo drop zone or the milkshake spill radius). The best way to get through them is to laugh.

Laugh it up! You may look insane, but at least you’re keeping it together. While others may just get depressed, you spread joy like smooth peanut butter. Another example of a little disaster: running out of peanut butter. That, by the way, is no laughing matter. However, watching someone get sprayed with something, or getting a bad sandwich from a cafe? Now those are the kinds of little disasters that are worth laughing at.

1. Well, this is obviously Katy Perry’s lunch: because it’s hot and it’s cold, it’s yes and it’s no. Alright, that was a pretty terrible joke. It was almost as terrible as putting an ice cold beverage on top of a hot box of noodles. We can all agree that this is an egregious violation of food law.

2. At least your teeth will be clear of zits: This is probably a terrible way to start a Monday, but it could be worse, right? You could have used the toothpaste to wash your face! That would have been so embarrassing, but then again probably not nearly as disgusting.

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