25 Low-Key Geniuses From Everyday Life

Life is full of small inconveniences that can really screw up your day or make things difficult so if you can find a way around them it feels like a real accomplishment. We’ve collected a list of some real-life heroes who have found the way to cheat the system. Here’s your daily dose of inspo:

1) Ok, we’ve really gotta unpack this first one because there is a lot going on in this photo. Let us begin with the boot which is, by some miracle, the perfect size, and shape to hold up this ingenious invention. The cashews container may seem a bit of a random choice but it’s also the perfect size and shape to hoist the iron (with the help of the boot, of course). Next, we have the iron which is really the culmination of all the effort below it. The iron is sitting pretty and its purpose is to heat up the pot. Now, we have to admit, it’s a little strange that this person has no other appliances besides a stove (which we can only assume is MIA or out of order) to help heat this pot. But, hey, these things happen sometimes. So long as the food doesn’t get anywhere near the boot and nothing catches fire, this solution gets an A+.

2) Well, this is one way to make sure your bike doesn’t get stolen. Even if you’re someone who knows how to do that handcuff trick, you won’t be able to get these off because that trick only works on yourself. You’re out of luck thief!

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