25 Incredibly Lucky Shots By Probably The Best Street Photographer In The World

An art piece? But I don’t know anything about ART!

It’s alright Jake, because YOU’RE not writing this piece. We hired local art expert, Art Van Der Showere to write this because we KNEW you’re artistically bankrupt. Go back to butchering articles about Donkeys or avoidable accidents or something. We can let Art take the big boy stuff, alright?

(Begrudgingly, Jake lifts himself from his chair and is replaced by Art Van Der Showere, who’s totally a real person and not a character made up for this article).

Hello, or as the French say, Ah-lo. I am your writer for today, Art Van Der Showere, which is, of course, pronounced as the French do, Aert Von Dere Showerrrre. As you can tell, I am a cultured person. So when Bestie asked me to do a piece on one of my favorite street artists, I had no choice but to refuse. However, when they dangled Jake’s paycheck for the day in my face, I  agreed. Because what is art if it isn’t paid for? I’ll tell you, it’s inconsequential and, as the french say, Jesuisuncrétin.

Without further adieu, meet Pau Buscato, a Spain-based artist with a talent for candid photography. Here are 25 of his best “lucky” shots.

1. Oiseau Libre. That is not the real name of the piece, but clearly, Pau is not as cultured as I so I will give it a proper, French, cultured name. This piece signifies the futility of nature as it escapes the grasp of humanity.

2. Pièce du Manquante. C’est tres bien, this piece here. Or as the French say, this is really good. It represents the piece of the serviceman each of us takes from them when we use their services. Soon, there will be nothing but a white canvas.

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