25 Millennials Who Need To Not

Millennials are known for a lot of things by other generations. We are known to be hipsters or to constantly be on our phones. And some people accuse us of not knowing what the world was like before social media, even though we do. Now, some of these stereotypes of millennials are true. And sometimes we do things that are strange or marketing techniques have changed to target us. Below is a list consisting of images where millennials have taken it too far.
1. This Guy Doing Yoga on a Pig: Out of all the things that millennials have ignited, yoga is one of the good ones. It leads to better overall health, but that should never be at the expense of a pig. This guy just needs to stop what he’s doing right now. The pig doesn’t want you to be on its back, so can you just stop?

2. This Hipster Fashion: I admit that us millennials really like strange shoes. But this pair of shoes is just a little bit overboard. I don’t understand why a manufacturer would want to put tiny baby dolls inside shoes and put them on display. Now I am just curious as to who bought these shoes.

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