25 Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed

Whether we’re trying to get rid of an unsightly blemish or maybe trying to make an appendage or muscle look bigger, Photoshop can be a complicated mistress. There is no bigger frustration than painstakingly spending hours trying to eliminate some impurity in your picture only to see when you zoom out it looks like… well, garbage. These people, however, zoomed out, didn’t see (or maybe just neglected to see) an issue and went “yeah, that’s fine”, even though there were clear, glaring mistakes. These are the 25 Obvious Photoshop Fails That Were Somehow Missed.

1. Definitely not ticklish! Everything seems to be in order here… eyes, hair, arms, shoulders, no armpits… wait a minute! Her eyes are a slightly different shade of brown on the Maxim cover! It’s just shameless how they doctor photos these days, what is happening to this country? Seriously though, of all things, why remove the armpits? Were there really guys out there saying: “Listen, I love Maxim but ONLY because the women have their armpits remove with Photoshop! That’s where I draw the line!”

2. Two right hands. You really have to look at it but yep, after some incredibly headache-inducing brain use, I have deduced it is, in fact, two right hands. Way to go Netflix! Wait, does that make her a good dancer or not? I forget how that goes, but I’ll tell you one thing: her having two right hands makes the artist a bad Photoshopper!

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