You May Be Completely Misusing These 25 Beauty Products

If you do your hair or wear makeup, listen up, you may be using certain beauty products incorrectly. Yes, even in this day and age where you can go on YouTube and there are millions of beauty vlogs to watch. You still miss some important beauty knowledge. You may not know what these beauty mistakes are that you’re using, but don’t worry we are here to help you out.

Below is a list of 25 beauty products that you may be completely misusing.

1. Beauty Sponges: You will know you are misusing this beauty product if you aren’t achieving smooth foundation application. says to use beauty sponges properly you need to dab it, not rub it on your skin. Yet, that isn’t enough to apply perfect foundation application. says that a common beauty sponge misuse is when people use them dry. Make sure the sponges are damp when applying the foundation to the sponges.

2. Applying Too Much Foundation: Foundation is hard to get right and the product results in a lot of misuse. A common misuse of foundation is when people apply too much of it. Beauty blogger and YouTuber Lucy Kyselica says to apply foundation lightly and dispersed to ‘problem areas’. Kyselica says that applying foundation this way makes the skin look natural compared to thick foundation application that looks unnatural.

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