25 Uh-Oh Moments That Ended In Disaster

There are always those photos you see that make you feel better for not being in that moment. It might be because we know that moment is horrible. Or that the moment just after, ended in complete disaster. Either way, looking at these photos makes us feel a little better about ourselves and helps us get through the day. Below is a list consisting of these hilarious ego boosting photos.

1. Friend’s Tattoo Decision: This is a lesson to everyone, never let your friend decide the tattoo you get on your body. This girl is now stuck for the rest of her life with a disaster of a tattoo on her ankle. It’s safe to say that we are glad we are not this girl right now. And telling from the expression on her face, disaster is going to strike again, but this time to her friend.

2. Private Text Goes To Group Chat: There might not be anything more horrific then finding out your step-children have read something sexual you wrote to their mother. It will be a very long time before the children ever let him live this moment down. And we have all lived through the disaster of a private text that got sent to a group chat before.

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