25 Times Moms Made Us Laugh By Doing The Mommiest Things Ever

A bond between a child and their mother is one of the most special bonds there is. We get to know them on a personal level and know their quirks. That being said, most moms have some of the same quirks that will always make us laugh. Whether this is sending an innocent text that was slightly inappropriate or by censoring us to images even though we are fully grown. Below is a list of 25 times moms had us laugh by doing the mommiest things ever.

1. Power Cord Problems: A lot of moms have trouble figuring out certain electronics. For some moms, this can be as simple as knowing how to turn on a power cord. After being called by her mother saying their power cord wasn’t working, this child arrived to notice the cord was never turned on. What a classic mom thing to do.

2. Making Herself The Mom Of All Species: Let’s face it, moms love being moms. They will continue caring for you and everything around you. So it’s no surprise that this mother decided to include the spider into their Christmas celebrations. After this mom found a spider web in the house she put up a Christmas tree for the spider, so it felt like one of the family.

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