25 People Who Need To Get Their Money Back, Stat

Have you ever bought something online and it turned out not to be what you wanted? It might have been a beautiful green lace dress, but when it got delivered it was ripped or a different shade of green. Let’s face it, this has happened to all of us at some point in our lives. And it sucks when it happens to us. Yet, when it happens to other we tend to laugh.

If you are in need of a laugh check out the list below of 25 people who need to get their money back, stat.

1. It’s A Different Dress: When this woman bought a beautiful dress online it ended up being a different dress that got delivered. Not only was the color not the same but the lace design was different. If this ever happened to one of us we would want our money back, and we sure hope she got her money back.

2. Bratz Pants: When this girl’s mom bought a pair of cheap leggings online, she thought she was actually going to get leggings. But what got delivered instead was a pair of Bratz doll pants. We really hope that the mom kept the receipt and explained what happened. And if they aren’t able to get their money back, maybe one of them still has a Bratz doll laying around the house that could use a pair of pants.

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