25 Times Mothers-In-Law Made Life More Interesting

There are times that mothers-in-law really make life more interesting. This could be because they have a different sense of humor than we are used to. Or it may be because they are straight up and don’t mess around. Regardless of what they do to be more interesting, we love them for it. Below are 25 times mothers-in-law make life more interesting.

1. Snake Blanket: Who would have thought that snakes need blankets? Well, this mother-in-law thought about it and knitted one for this snake. Mothers tend to be pretty caring and this shows that this mother-in-law went above and beyond. This is one way that this mom made life more interesting.

2. Spare Cats: Cats are so adorable and a lot of people want more than one. Take this mother-in-law for instance. She must have so many cats to have a box labeled “spare cats.” It isn’t often that you see something like this. And this mother-in-law put this photo out on snapchat which is how her daughter-in-law found out about this interesting box.

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