25 Movie Poster Fails That Accidentally Spoiled Their Own Movies

Let me paint you a scene, folks. It’s Friday night, you’re out at the movies and you’re dying to see that flick that you’ve been waiting for. Months of anticipation have gone by and you’re wondering how the story is going to unfold… until you look at the poster and see exactly what’s going to happen. Wow, thanks a lot poster designers, not even a spoiler alert!

We at Bestie have brought together some of the absolute worst offenders of this crime so that we could laugh at them together. Oh, and obviously there are spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned! This is  25 Movie Poster Fails That Accidentally Spoiled Their Own Movies. 

1. The Impossible. So, the biggest question behind this movie is will the family ever get back together? Well, instead of sitting through intense, heart-wrenching moments, why not just look at the poster to see that yeah, they do.

2. Shutter Island. This is less about the poster and more about the tagline: “Some places never let you go.” The big twist at the end of this movie was that Leonardo Di Caprio‘s character wasn’t a detective investigating the island at all, but actually a patient of the mental institution that the island harbors.

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