25 Things To Never Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

There is a need in our society to post about everything that happens to us on social media. There really is no need for us to be posting about all the things that happen in our lives. It gets to a point where all of our friends know everything about us and a lot of the time they know things that they don’t want to know. When it comes to our relationships there are things that should remain private about it.

Below is a list of 25 things to never post about your relationship on social media.

1. Don’t Tell What Happens Between The Sheets: If there is one thing no one should ever post about it is what happens in the bedroom. Those are intimate moments between two lovers that shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. This will lead to disrespect between partners and information being given to the public when they never wanted to know about it. This is something you should never post about your relationship on social media.

2. Don’t Give Personal Details About Your Partner: When we are in a relationship we give our complete trust to our partner. Please don’t insult that trust by posting on social media personal details about your partner. These personal details can be small or large. The one thing to do is no post anything about your partner unless you have asked their permission first. Giving out personal details about your partner is something never to post about on social media.

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