25 Things You Ain’t Never Seen Before

Allow me for a moment to paraphrase the crows from Dumbo: “I dun gon’ seen about everythang, but I never seen an Elephant fly!” Did you know that crow’s name was Jim? Ah, to quote Family Guy: “that’s some good old-fashioned rac-”. (BEEEEEEEEEEEP. Apologies. Jake has been brought to an undisclosed location to be re-educated. Please enjoy this article from our most impartial, unbiased and most importantly, least offensive writer: Ned Neutrality).

Good day to you, person currently reading these words. I am the person writing this article currently, and my name is Ned Neutrality. That is what we call a nom de plume, which means a pseudonym, which means a fake name. What I am trying to say is that my real name is not Ned Neutrality, but rather a play on words. Which means a pun or the act of punning. Please enjoy the next 25 pictures accompanied by words. Make sure to click every entry.

This is 25 Things You Ain’t Never Seen Before. Or rather, 25 Pictures of various situations that do not come up very much in daily life and which may surprise you.

1. A light filled with rubber ducks. This light was in a restaurant and you do not typically see them this way. Lights, as some of you may know, are not usually filled to the brim with rubber ducks. If you have seen this before, please click on the next entry and move on. Thank you.

2. A keyboard-keyboard. This picture is supposedly amusing because they use the word “keyboard” twice, because it is a combination of two keyboards. However, this picture does not amuse me because I do not see a need for such a device. Music is too divisive, I prefer white noise. If you have seen this before, please click on the next entry and move on. Thank you.

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