25 People Who Just Need To Get Off The ‘Nope’ Bus

Every day something interferes with our lives and we just think ‘nope, this isn’t happening today.’ Or maybe it’s something more simple like buying a product that you didn’t expect to be packaged a certain way. No matter what the thing is that makes you question it, you will end up thinking ‘nope’ immediately. Below is a list of 25 people who just need to get off the ‘nope’ bus.

1. Concealer Product: This person noticed that this concealer product was labeled ‘They Hate Pimples.’ This was a product designed for men and we are guessing the ‘they’ is women. Regardless, this person immediately thought ‘nope.’ And we have to admit that we are all thinking it also. This is one product that should really try to get off the ‘nope’ bus.

2. Lush Employees: When we go into a Lush store we walk around and smell the soap products. But all we really think is that it smells really nice. When we tell an employee this, they usually respond the way this guy stated on Twitter. They immediately go off on us to make sure we know that their soap is the best of all soaps. And we all can’t help but think that they need to get off the ‘nope’ bus.

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