25 People Who Probably Didn’t Realize What They Were Getting Into

We have all been hit with a curveball before and most of the time we aren’t too excited about it. A lot of people have adopted the “expect the unexpected” mantra in life. But the thing is we can’t expect everything that happens. If you are in need of a laugh or simply don’t want to feel like you are the only one who gets thrown curve balls look no further.

Below is a list of 25 people who probably didn’t realize what they were getting into.

1. Online Dating: When this lady got hit on via her online dating app she was compared to a fruit. She decided to speak out about the matter and give the guy another chance. The only problem came when she didn’t realize what he was going to say back to her. She probably didn’t see this coming and will be wary of it in the future.

2. Food Urinal: When this girl went on a trip to Cuba she probably didn’t realize what she was getting herself into. As she’s heading to the buffet she was faced with what looked like food being served out of a urinal. No one can ever be prepared to expect this to happen to them. But thanks to her, we now know that this can possibly happen to us when we go on a holiday to Cuba.

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