25 People Who Are Just Full Of Surprises

There are two types of people in the world: those who love surprises and those who hate them. You either get giddy and full of anticipation or you resent them and wish that it would all end very soon. If you are someone who appreciates surprises, you’ll love the list we’ve put together. Here is a collection of people who should make “surprising people” a profession:

1) Exhibit A is not only a wonderful surprise but a hilarious prank. This dude’s brother got his whole family plain black mugs. This may seem like an odd gift to give your entire family and, at first glance, we would agree. However, these mugs don’t stay black. As soon as they are filled with a hot liquid, they show the image that was hidden. What’s that image you ask? Well, the mug is covered entirely in the guy’s mugshot. Is that genius or what? What a wonderful surprise. This is more effective than any punishment because nothing teaches a lesson better than being the laughing stock of the whole family. Bonus points if you have an incredibly large family. Now anytime someone in the family goes to use the mug, they’ll remember this troublemaker and laugh. Not to mention, the mug is black, so even if they don’t want to see his face, they might end up picking the mug accidentally.

2) If you ever wondered whether camo is actually successful in hiding those wearing it, look no further. We have photo evidence that camo is definitely effective. Did you even see the guy in the first picture because Snoop Dogg certainly didn’t? It just looks like the girl is levitating.

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