25 People Who Have Pretty Much Just Given Up

Life can sometimes get hard trust me, I know. But when life throws lemons at your face you just need to grab them and throw them right back! Come on people, let’s get together and do something! Oh come now, don’t be like that! Why would you just want to give up on life, I mean, what else is there? Don’t be a slouchy Steve, dear reader! Giving up isn’t the answer, heck, you wouldn’t want to be like THESE people, would you? These are the 25 People Who Have Pretty Much Just Given Up.

1. Not Baywatching. I don’t know if the problem is that she’s given up, but maybe that she SHOULD give up. I’m no expert on lifeguarding, but letting a kid swim around unwatched and then losing him in the ocean is probably not the best practice. At least she looks good in the outfit though!

2. Yes MOM, I did it right the first time, don’t worry! “God, will you GET OFF my back? Like seriously, why don’t you trust me? Because the last time we fixed a building I just slapped a big tarp over it? This time I swear it was done well, scout’s honor!”

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