25 People Who Left The House Thinking ‘This Is Fine’

We have all experienced that ‘this is fine’ feeling before we left the house. Then we come back to realize none of what we thought was fine was actually fine. Or we left the house thinking that what we were wearing was fine, but once we are out and we get those looks then we know what we thought was fine, wasn’t.

Below is a list of 25 people who left the house thinking ‘this is fine.’

1. Pineapple Hair: No one goes to get their hair done like this without thinking that this is fine. We are not so sure though if she thought this was still fine once she left her house a couple of times. It’s clear she has got the confidence to pull off this hairstyle, we just wonder how long she kept it going for.

2. Marc For Marc: It’s clear that whoever stitched this patch onto these jeans really liked the name Marc. That is all that’s seen over the patch and we can’t stop laughing. Whoever wore these pants out and thought that it was fine to do so, we wonder if anyone else commented on what this patch said.

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