25 People That Must Be Stopped

There are always those people in your life that you come by and think they must be stopped. These people might post about every feeling they have on social media. Or they might tell you that they can’t be serious. Whatever these people do you wish they would stop. Below is a list of 25 people that must be stopped.

1. Horrible Sewer Drain: If there is one type of person that needs to be stopped it’s those that don’t do their job right. Clearly, this person didn’t build this sewer drain correctly and now it causes more flooding than preventing it. We wish we could’ve stopped this person before they ever made this sewer drain.

2. Use This Properly: There are some people that have so much time on their hands that they end up doing something like this. And when we see something like this being done we think this person must be stopped. There is no need for this person to take a picture asking if someone wants to see how this Tech Deck works. And then to send another photo of them using it on a dog, that is uncalled for.

Reddit /u/ drumkeys

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