25 People Who Are Just Way Too Pure For This World

We have all come across a person that was really pure. What we mean by this is that they were too good-hearted. These people warm up our hearts but also make us laugh because they are hard to come by.

Below is a list of 25 people who are just way too pure for this world.

1. Dad’s Approval: This girl sends all of her photos to her dad before she sends them to anyone else. We are guessing she believes that her father will be completely honest about the way she looks. His response to her photo is so pure that it is making us laugh uncontrollably. He was able to compliment her while digging at her mother in the purest way.

2. Dog’s Birthday: There is nothing that screams pure more than someone caring for their pet more than their friends. This person decided to not go out with their friend because it was their dog’s birthday. This is so adorable and we have decided that everyone should do this in the future. But as for right now, this person is way too pure for this world.

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