25 People Who Kinda Got What They Asked For And Regret It

We tend to complain when we don’t get what we asked for, and for good reason. Then there are times when we complain when we get exactly what we asked for.

If you’re in the mood to have a good laugh then check out the list below of 25 people who kind of got what they asked for and regret it.

1. Budget Hulk Costume: This guy wanted to buy a Hulk costume because his friend was dressed as Thor. The problem came when he bought the costume he wanted but it didn’t properly fit him. Instead of looking like The Hulk, he ended up looking like a tiny guy in a huge costume. It’s safe to say he immediately regretted buying this costume.

2. Came For Work: This woman might be the only one in her yearbook that didn’t look like she was having a blast. At least compared to the people who are on the page around her. It looks more like she only came to school to work and regretted what she got herself into. She’s probably just happy to get out of that school.

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