25 Times People Shopped Online While Drunk And Regretted It Deeply

There are those of us who don’t enjoy those crazy nights out, drinking with friends. Those people find that crazy things happen and they are not for it. Then there are those who LOVE those crazy nights out on a Saturday night. They embrace the crazy things that happen to them.

Just like you should never come close to car keys when you are drinking, you should also never come close to a computer…or phone. Any type of technology to be honest. More specifically, online shopping, while you are intoxicated, is a dangerous, dangerous combination.

Believe it or not, texting your ex while drunk doesn’t even compare to online shopping while you are drunk. There are people who got a purchase of Amazon, for example, and then the next day regretted it big time. Problem is, they don’t even remember making those specific purchases.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out these 25 examples of people who shopped online and regretted it DEEPLY.

1. The first is this person. Clearly, they were in the mood to get a new shower curtain when they were intoxicated. I mean, looks cool but probably wouldn’t have been my first choice…personally.

2. When you are drunk, you tend to make decisions that you might feel bad about the next day. This guy, in particular, got the Dominos guy to go and pick him up a McDonald’s as well in the ‘special instructions’ section. Hopefully, he gave him a great tip for doing that. Poor guy!

Reddit @Slapded

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