25 People Who Planned Things Out Perfectly

You sit on a throne in a dark, evil lair. Torches line the walls and before you stands a hooded figure, groveling below you.

Wait, what? How did you get here? Where are you? Oh man, you shouldn’t have drunk so much Cola last night.

“O great Evilzor” says the hooded figure, his voice wavering with fear. “I come before thee asking what our next evil scheme is”. Uh oh, it’s middle school and you haven’t done your book report all over again! Time to get those improv skills out: “Silence, minion!” you say, because you’re pretty sure it sounds evil enough “what ideas have you brought forth to me?”. The minion of evil clears his throat nervously. After a pause, he says: “One sec” and turns around. The minion quickly turns his back to you, then you see the light of a phone and a soft clicking noise.

He flips back around something clearly behind his back. “My lord, I come to thee with 25 People Who Planned Things Out Perfectly. Perhaps they can give us some inspiration!”

1. Conventional. “First,” says the minion “perhaps we should dress as buildings as this person did!” You think for a moment. “What would that accomplish?” you ask. The minion thinks for a moment and then says: “Maybe people would try to enter us?”. Oof, definitely don’t want that. “NEXT!”

2. From Above. The minion shuffles a little bit as he checks his phone for the next entry. “What if” he starts “we hide in the ceiling and spy on the people below! Then we’d know what our enemies are planning!”. You think that might be pretty evil, but you want to hear the other plans first, so you don’t look unprofessional. “Put that one on the backburner,” you say.

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