25 Times The Picture Was Better Than The Reality

It’s not surprising that pictures often present reality in a much more glamorized way than what’s really in front of the lens. Whether it’s a heavily filtered Instagram photo or an expertly lit meal picture, we constantly advertise our lives in a stylized way, and the same goes for the things being advertised to us. Because of this, it’s hard to trust a photo for what it is, especially when it’s our only preview before making a decision.

Take it from these people, who certainly shouldn’t have been so trusting with the visuals presented to them. From online shopping fails to photos whose misleading nature had comic conclusions, here are 25 times the picture was much better than the reality.

1. Online shopping is always a gamble, but when a price seems too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. This guy thought he scored by finding an affordable embroidered carpet. The carpet may have come as pictured, but it was certainly not the size he was anticipating. At least, according to that one five star review, someone was happy with their doll-size shag.

2. When you hire an entertainer for a child’s birthday party, you only hope that the costume will light up the kids’ faces. This family, however, ended up receiving the poor man’s SpongeBob, a haunting DIY creation which will surely haunt party-goers for years to come. The use of actual sponges here is admirable, but you’d think it would be easier to buy an actual SpongeBob costume, especially as an investment in your career.

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