25 Funny Pics That Show What Husbands Have To Go Through When Their Wives Are Pregnant

Women go through a lot when they get pregnant. Their hormones are going through ups and downs constantly and they crave different foods all the time. Due to women going through a hard time, their husbands do also. They tend to not know the right things to do to make their wives feel better.

Below is a list of 25 funny pictures that show what husbands have to go through when their wives are pregnant.

1. She Found Her Target: This husband went to Target with his pregnant wife. What he observed was that his pregnant wife didn’t like the fact that Target moved around the candles. Like we said, a pregnant woman has a range of emotions and this husband found out first hand.

2. Husband of the Year: When a husband is in the house with a pregnant wife the best thing he can do is apologize whenever she gets mad. That’s why this husband wins husband of the year. He even made a cake for his wife. Take note other husbands who are living or may live in the future with a pregnant wife.

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