25 Everyday Things That Are Actually Pretty Freaking Genius

Everyone has thought of an idea for a way to make something a little easier. Whether it’s having a traffic light that counts down to a pen that counts how many pages it’ll survive for. But we never think these ideas could actually get made. But the truth is, there are many random things in the world today that are pretty genius. And the unfortunate thing is, many of us don’t know about them. The list below are some pretty genius ideas that you can start incorporating into your life.

1. A Ceiling Fan with String Displays: Everyone has faced the problem of not knowing what string does what when looking at a ceiling fan. And 9 times out of 10 we are going to pick the one that does the opposite of what we want it to do. So this ceiling fan that added displays at the end of each string to tell us what each does is pretty genius.

2. Frozen Coffee Cubes: When getting an iced coffee or iced latte at your favorite coffee shop, it sucks when those water ice cubes mix into your coffee. It results in having less caffeinated, more diluted coffee. So what a genius idea to make ice cubes, but instead of using water you use coffee. This will make sure you never experience the diluted coffee again.

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