25 Satirical Illustrations About Society

Ah, the world. Sure, it can be nice with its beautiful landscapes, amazing people and hilarious shows on TV, but did you know that the world can sometimes be messed up? Just occasionally though, all we have is poverty, murder, slavery, starvation, war, dictators, the threat of nuclear annihilation, kidnapping, assault, terrorism, jaywalking and the not so hilarious shows on TV. Okay… maybe the world can be messed up in a lot of ways. In fact, why don’t I let these artists tell it?

1. The Illusion Of Choice By Unknown. This piece of art by an unknown artist depicts a person who only has the choice between “Republican” and “Democrat” instead of “Freedom”. What the piece is trying to say is that we only have the illusion of choice and that we’ll never truly be free from the tyranny of our two established political parties. That is unless he just breaks the pencil in half.

2. Man On The Moon By Dran. A truly hot button issue these days, this artwork by the french artist Dran shows that even on the moon one may still be able to find garbage. The piece is trying to demonstrate the amount of garbage that we throw everywhere, so much so that we could find it in space. I don’t want to be a stickler here Dran, but that looks more like Mars than the moon.

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