25 Sitting Positions And What They Say About Your Personality

Everyone has their own unique way of sitting. However, sometimes these positions change depending on how we’re feeling at the moment. We have compiled a list of 25 sitting positions and the common personalities that accompany them.

Keep in mind that none of these points will tell you for a fact that those who sit in one or more of these positions will have that personality. We need to always think about the context behind what might lead someone to sit in a certain position, without making generalizations about their personality.

1. Lean Back On Palms: PhD Lilian Glass, who is a body language expert, states that people who sit leaned back on their palms are often judgemental. If you lean back on your palms it tends to give off the impression that you are assessing a situation and you aren’t going to act on it. Therefore, you are simply judging it from a distance.

2. Put Knees To One Side: When you sit on your legs with your knees placed together and your toes pointing to one side, it’s thought that you are a flirtatious person. Cosmopolitan states that when you sit in this position it’s usually because women are trying to attract a partner. Sitting like this lets your knees point to your potential mate while leaving your upper body open and accepting of them.

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