25 People Who Slayed Without Really Trying

We are all going through our lives day to day. We are so busy that we don’t have time anymore to think about being fabulous. So when these moments of fabulous happen sometimes we aren’t aware of it. Sometimes these moments happen to us and sometimes they happen to other people. When we do notice them though we tend to have a moment of laughter. Below is a list of 25 people who slayed without really trying.

1. Are You Regina George?: When this girl got her photo taken at school we were all shocked. She shares a striking resemblance to Regina George, you remember, the character from Mean Girls. As much as Regina was supposed to be the villain we all couldn’t help but love her. And we are fully aware that this girl is slaying her photo.

2. Work It Grandma: There’s nothing better than seeing a grandmother work what was given to her, even if it’s at the expense of her grandkids. When this grandma bought the same dress as her granddaughter for a family wedding, she looked better in the dress than her granddaughter did. Talk about slaying without even trying.

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