25 Smart Things That Really Should Be Everywhere

We have all wanted something to come along and make our lives easier. This could be something simple like having a chair that has an indentation to store our bags. Or it could be something more complicated like a crosswalk button that could know we needed more time to cross the street. Some of these things we never thought existed, but the truth is, they do exist. They might not be where we are today but they do exist somewhere in the world. And these smart things should really be everywhere. Below is a list that includes 25 of these smart things that really should be everywhere.

1. The Moustache Guard Cup: For everyone who has a mustache, this is for you. We know that it must be a pain to constantly get what you drink stuck in there. It must be an awkward feeling. But don’t worry. This china cup was made just for you. It has a spot along the inside of the rim that will stop your mustache from getting wet and dirty.

2. The Bicycle Bench: When we go riding on our bikes we all take a break at some point. We might see a nice view and an empty bench. But when we go to sit down we have to find a place to place our bikes. This can be a pain! But don’t worry, this new bench has a spot to put your bicycles. Now we need to wait until this is implemented all over the world.

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