13 People Telling It Like It Is And 12 People Who Ain’t

There’s always too much happening on the internet, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the trends. But if you look at what’s going viral, you’ll notice that most of it can fit one of two categories. Either the person was being ridiculously honest or they were just making stuff up as they go along.

1) These people definitely didn’t have a plan and thought they could make this work. They really took the saying “fake it til you make it” to heart. So the story is that this couple disguised an entire home as a garage so that they wouldn’t have to pay property taxes and other fines associated with owning a house. It’s absolutely genius, but illegal of course. They literally hid the house behind a fake door and no one found out. I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed at their ingenuity or awestruck at how no one noticed there was a problem with this and were genuinely fooled by the fake door. But hey, sometimes you gotta shoot your shot and hope for the best. Sadly, the couple was eventually found out and fined then forced out of the premises. Talk about making stuff up as you go along.

2) This is an awesome board and so spot on. Cats meow to get your attention and they know that their meow is irresistible to humans. This is how they end up getting what they want, so having a sign up is helpful to those who are unaware of their power.  

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