25 Strange Moments We’re Lucky Someone Had A Camera For

Strange occurrences happen every single day. From Bigfoot sightings to small coincidences, there are plenty of moments that make us question our reality. The following pictures are not such occasions. Sure, they may look strange, but after some careful examination, we can see that they’re obviously as normal as you or me. Well, as normal as you at least.

This is 25 Strange Moments We’re Lucky Someone Had A Camera For.

1. Just some noodles shoveling the driveway. I know this might be hard to believe because noodles are known by most for their laziness, but that’s a very close minded thought if you ask me. Any noodle, if put on the right path like this young gentleman noodle obviously has been, can be a contributing member of society.

2. The cone tree. What? Didn’t you know this is where traffic cones come from? Well obviously, what did you think traffic cones grew on TREES or someth– wait, hold on, I’ve gone and confused myself.

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