25 Things That Aren’t Quite What They Seem

You thought we were done with this, but if there’s anything I love doing, it’s rehashing old properties!

Your world would probably be a better, more creative place if I didn’t do it, but who cares? Reboots, reimaginings, and remakes are where the MONEY is at, baby! So unless YOU want to pay me to use my genius space brain, then I suggest you keep going along with the wacky situations I put you in. Good? Good. Where was I…

Oh yeah! So you’re sitting across from your friend Charlie, one-half of the members of the local Conspiracy Club. The other half being YOU of course. You never wanted to rejoin this dumb club after the CATastrophe that was the last meeting, but you’re afraid Charlie might hurt himself if he’s left to his own devices. So, here you are again, sitting arms crossed across from Charlie, who pins strings together on a large whiteboard. You hope he finishes soon, because the tinfoil is starting to make your head itchy.

“I think…” Charlie finally says, standing back “I think I finally got it”. You sigh deeply: “Is that right, Charlie?”. Charlie spins around to face you, eyes wide and carrying heavy bags. “Yes! There is a connection between these 25 Things That Aren’t Quite What They Seem! They’ll explain everything!”

1. Well, I say, Reginald, it seems our model Ts have been shrunk. You roll your eyes, which has become a custom during these meetings. But Charlie is too focused to notice: “See how the PERSPECTIVE is what changes the size of these cars? What if they’re trying to tell us to change our perspective!”

2. Um… Come inside to get out of the… er… outside? “SEE?” yells Charlie “Another perspective trick! What are they trying to tell us?” Charlie stands at his whiteboard, staring deeply into his conspiracy web. That’s it, time to put an end to this once and for all.

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