25 Epic Times Teachers Hilariously Trolled Their Students

We don’t think of teachers to be trolls to the students, but it does happen. There are some teachers out there that are really into joking around with their students. And shockingly they are quite good at it. Below is a list of 25 epic times teachers hilariously trolled their students.

1. F to A: This teacher trolled this student pretty hard. The teacher told the student that they got an F on their assignment and asked to speak to them after school. When the student went there they found out that the teacher only did that to make the student suffer all day thinking they failed, when really they got an A.

2. Psychology Test: This teacher trolled two of their students really hard on this quiz. We are guessing that these two students don’t read many of the questions or instructions on the quiz so this teacher had some fun with that. We wonder how long it took for the two students to notice.

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