25 Lifehacks That Probably Won’t Catch On

We’re all trying to make our lives easier. It can just be so hard sometimes to figure out how to do that. Well, why not check out some helpful lifehacks online? Well, there’s an easy answer to that question: because out of 100 options you usually end up with 3 good ones, and then 97 other terrible lifehacks that no one in their right mind would ever consider trying.

Who is posting these terrible ideas, anyway? Are they just trolling all of us or do they honestly believe that their suggestions are useful? Honestly, if you saw some of these ideas, you’d be asking the same question. Sure, we’d like to breeze through our day and have people marvel at our genius in hacking everyday life, but really, we also don’t want to be carrying garbage around all day.

Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon this article and you can check out all of the most terrible lifehacks right here. How convenient! Far more convenient than all of these “helpful” ideas. 

1. When the printer runs out of ink and also it’s 1998: but you have to print that document somehow! Well, the printer may be out of ink, but the copier has plenty of toner, and your computer monitor is chock full of electricity. So what do you do? You put glass to glass, of course!

2. When your dog is not scared enough: This lifehack was ostensibly created because the dog’s owner wasn’t around, so her family members wore masks of her face. This was done in an attempt to comfort the dog, because if there’s one thing dogs love, it’s lifeless, flat faces with hollowed out eyes.

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