25 Restaurant Patrons Who Made Serving A Nightmare

Anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry knows that serving isn’t always easy. Waiters and waitresses try their best to give the best dining experience possible, but sometimes, it’s the restaurant goers that make that impossible. If you’ve ever wondered how terrible some restaurant patrons can be, look no further. We have compiled a list of 25 restaurant goers that made serving an absolute nightmare.

1. Thanks For The Free Meal. These terrible patrons decided to write an explanation for why they weren’t paying for their meal as if that somehow made dining and dashing any better. Can you believe these people? We have never seen this happen to a server before, and now we wonder how often it happens.

2. Dirty Table. Most people make an effort to be more refined when eating out. Most people. Every now and then, a server has to come back to a table that looks almost purposefully messy. Let’s hope they at least tipped well.

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