25 Times Things Blended Perfectly With Their Surroundings

When we get dressed for the day, some of us aim to stand out, but apparently, others want to blend in, and sometimes not on purpose. The following people discovered that their style wasn’t as original as they had thought. Here are 25 people who hilariously ended up blending into their surroundings.

1. Wow, those are lovely socks you’re wearing. Did you get them from your carpet? It must have been a pretty unnerving sight when this person first looked down and realized that their feet blended into the carpet. 

2. Why would you eat macaroni and cheese off your shirt? That’s just asking for a mess! As you can see, this person’s bowl blends in perfectly with the pattern on their shirt, giving the illusion that this person is quite uncivilized.

3. Just like Jack Torrance before her, she has become part of the hotel. This woman unintentionally color-coordinated her outfit with the interior design of the hotel she was staying at.

4. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and see the transparent bull! The spots on this bull look almost exactly like the ground behind him, giving the illusion that he is see-through. 

5. What do you mean I should buy those flip-flops? Theres nothing on the shelf! A poor choice of a shelf for whoever wants to sell those flip-flops. The pattern on these shoes looks exactly like the shelf on which they’re being displayed.

6. Melting into the floor. The red in this woman’s shoes perfectly match the red of the carpet, giving the appearance that she’s melting into it. That, or she’s floating without feet.

7. Don’t want to alarm you, but your legs seem to be missing. This girl’s pair of leggings blends in with whoever’s carpet she’s lifting her legs above. Now, she could sit crossed legged and look like a creepy floating torso! 

8. Find the cell phone. Have you found it? As you look, the cell phone in question happens to camouflage with the carpet, or rather the cellphone’s case. Have you given up? Look to the right of the closest chair leg.


9. Disappearing wallet. This poster’s wallet is perfectly camouflaged because it has the exact same pattern and color scheme as the car seats that it’s sitting on. Don’t leave it there too long or you’ll lose it!

10. Ah, nature can sometimes be so perfect (and hidden). For those of you who are afraid of bugs, having this chair and dragonfly combo would be an absolute nightmare. You know, because you wouldn’t be able to see it, because it’s camouflaged.

11. This is not two separate photos. This person managed to blend into two separate surroundings, matching her blue skirt with the blue carpet and her shirt with the yellow carpet’s design. She’s trying so hard to hide she’s even covering her face!

12. Who ate my pizza!? If you were to have put these slices down without looking, you’d think they had disappeared once you looked back. The toppings and cheese on this pizza manage to camouflage into the countertop below it.

13. This could end badly. This sitting hazard comes to you courtesy of this person, who choose to wear a sweater and jeans that match the chair’s pink and blue look. He might want to consider laying the opposite way.


14. Breaking the rules without notice. Most train platforms suggest that you stay behind the yellow line, but this woman can subtly slip her toes past it without garnering any attention. Why you’d want to do this? Who knows, but she can if she wants to.

15. Backup fire hydrant. Want to hear something that’s totally going to blow your mind? The fire hydrant on the right isn’t a fire hydrant at all, but a little kid! Ooh, psyche!

16. Good luck catching this bug. Let’s move on to this post where a horrifying moth camouflages perfectly with your kitchen countertop. Squirming, skittering, waiting for that perfect moment to jump out and give you a scare. An entomophobe’s worst nightmare.

17. Presentation is everything. This genius has clearly matched the background of his PowerPoint with his tie, which is a level of intelligence and forward thinking worth admiring. Guess that’s why he’s a college professor!

18. What wound? The band-aid on this poster’s thumb blends in awfully well with their skin. This would be very convenient, but then again, no one would know that you had an injury, which doesn’t sound so bad until someone handshakes you hard.

19. Off with her head! At first glance, you might think you’re looking at a severed head on a bed. However, this is just a woman who’s leopard print catsuit happened to match her leopard print bed. Man, that’s a lot of leopard print!

20. Why would you spread coconut butter all over your walls? That seems like a waste. No, as it turns out, this was just a happy coincidence that the color of the coconut body scrub matched the shower walls. Unless they get the bathroom redone, I think Softsoap has gained a customer for life!

21. This phone case was based on an attire of a real person, but all the names have been changed to respect the privacy of those it happened to. As you can see, this person’s phone case just so happened to match this random person’s outfit. Wow, what luck!

22. Careful, don’t want to get your foot stuck in the escalator. Thank goodness for this guy, because it’s just his shoes that match up with the escalator, not him melting into it. Violence aside, going up and around the escalator all day would be pretty boring!

23. What a sky! Look at how beautifully the blue sky lines up with the blue lake. At first glance, this parking lot appears to be much more elevated than it actually is.

24. What sheep? In the first picture, all you see is what looks to be an open field. However, if you look closer, maybe just at a slightly different angle, you’ll see a heard of sheep. 

25. Tie dye or die. Fun fact: these are the plates that they used at Woodstock all those years ago. This woman’s shirt is able to hide that plate almost perfectly. Two words Miss: Far Out!

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