25 Things Guaranteed To Make ’00s Girls Cringe A Bit

For girls who lived in the early 2000s, there are many things you try to forget about that time. Looking back on it now you probably cringe at the thought of those butterfly hair clips and the camouflage outfits you wore. But at the time those were the most fashionable things to wear. The influences of TV Shows like Lizzie McGuire and Musicians like Avril Lavigne were integral for how girls in the 2000s dressed. And at the time, girls loved the trends they gave into. But looking back on them all now, there are a few that make them cringe.

1. Wearing Juicy Couture, Rocawear, and Ed Hardy: Name brands were all the rage back in the 2000s. Girls flocked to the malls paying whatever they had to have a sweatsuit that had Juicy Couture on it or to rock an Ed Hardy hat or a Rocawear shirt. They would be the coolest kids in school to own one of these brands. Now these girls look back and wonder why they thought they were so cool.

2. Whatever Avril Wore, You Did Too: Avril was every 2000s girl idol. She spoke her mind and bore her soul through her music. And she had a style like no one else at the time. Maybe that’s why every girl began dressing exactly like her. Wearing the camo pants with a tie around their neck. Looking back now those girls all looked the same and nothing was stylish about it. It now just makes them cringe.

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