30+ Embarrassed People Reveal Things They Thought Were Real But Actually Never Existed

Several recent Reddit threads asked Redditors for stories of things they used to think existed before being told better. Here are the top 31!

1. “Blind drivers. When I was 5 years old (so early/mid 90’s) we were driving in a car and my dad drove over some of the bumpy reflectors on the road. I asked them what they were for and he straight-faced told me that “Some states put those down on the road so that blind people will know how to feel what lane they are in.” And on we drove, and I was so happy we lived in a state that allowed blind people to drive.
Then when I was about 13, we were driving down the road when my dad had to slam on the brakes. It was at that moment that I shouted from the backseat, “Wait a second, how do blind drivers know when to brake!?” My dad replied, “What are you talking about?” I recounted what he told me all those years ago and that it couldn’t work because they wouldn’t know when to brake on time! My father went from angry at the emergency braking to laughing until he cried.” (ABigHead)

2. “I was having lunch with my uncle while we were on a fishing trip. There was a bowl of fruit and I grabbed the last pear – he told me “You don’t want to eat that, you’ll get pear farts.” I put it back and he picked it up and ate it. I was about 5. For years, I refused to eat pears in any form. When I was about 27, I was visiting home for Thanksgiving when his wife brought a pear and apple pie for dessert. I refused a slice, citing pear farts, only at that moment realizing that it was all a lie and he had just wanted the last pear.” (sisterstutters)

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