25 Photos That Are So Random We Don’t Know How To Feel About Them

Sometimes you see something on the internet, and it leaves you wondering, “how did I get here? What brought me to this point in my life where I’m looking at a picture like this?” It can get pretty philosophical when you start looking at random photos, but it should never diminish your enjoyment of them. After all, you may get to see something that you have never seen before, and then you can tell your friends about it, and they’ll think you’re really cool because you find all of these random photos all the time. That may or may not happen, but at least you’ll get your own enjoyment out of looking at these random photos. Only on the internet could you find such weird things as these, and it makes you wonder if stuff like this happens all the time in real life, well it must, otherwise, these pictures wouldn’t exist. Then how would you entertain yourself?

1) A potato so good that it’ll break your teeth: That’s because this isn’t actually a potato at all, it’s a rock! We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t realize that this was actually a hardened stone at first because it really does look like a perfect russet potato, ready to be baked and slathered in butter. Who else is hungry?

2) This can is really holding it together: Somebody left this soda can in the freezer far too long, but instead of exploding, it simply expanded to contain its contents. We could all take a lesson from this can, and instead of exploding when under pressure, just try to be more flexible.

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