25 Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

How often do people manage to take a photo right before something terrible happens? We always see the face after it gets hit by the pie, not right before. Wouldn’t it be more fun to see a photo that was taken right before tragedy struck? To forever immortalize the look on someone’s face as they realize that something very uncomfortable is about to happen?

That’s really what every photographer longs for: to capture that singular moment that occurs right in the split second before the bad thing happens. They can then say they caught the moment before tragedy struck, and maybe they’ll win some sort of photography award or something, maybe a gift card? Either way, they’ll definitely be recognized for their efforts, and right before they accidentally fall off the stage at their award ceremony, someone will be there to capture the stupid face they make before hitting the ground.

1. Could you imagine if Kelly Nash had to report on her own injury?: This selfie that sports reporter Kelly Nash right before this baseball flew past her went viral. Although she was unharmed, there was the possibility that she’d be reporting on her own injury. “Nash was struck in the head with a high fly ball, may be out for several games. Back to you!”

2. It was the most memorable day of her life: Not because she got married, but because her new husband immediately dropped her in a pond. Hopefully, she had a sense of humor about it and managed to keep a smile on her face while she finished the reception in sweatpants (we’re just assuming based on what people like to wear after involuntarily being soaked).

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