Artist Turns Trash Into Animals To Remind Us About Pollution

Today, we’ll be exploring the work of Bordalo II, an artist who has taken trash that he has found and turned it into gorgeous structures shaped like animals in a project called Big Trash Animals. He does this so that he can remind the world of our carbon footprint and the pollution that we cause on a day to day basis.

In an interview with I Support Street Art, Bordalo described his artistic origins and how he evolved to the level he is today. “My background, it is graffiti, I mean the real one, illegal and funny,’ the artist said, ‘but as I spent my whole youth doing it, then I wanted to make something else, using the street knowledge as tools and inspiration on my daily experiences.’

Bordalo says that the point of Big Trash Animals, or at least for some of the sculptures that depict the more exotic species, is to depict animals out of the trash that’s harming their environments. He also uses end-of-life materials, so, objects that he finds abandoned factories and ‘wastelands.’ The result is more than you think could ever be done with destructive trash!

Here are 25 of the best murals by Bordalo II.

1. The Iguana. Ah yes, the Iguana. Who knows what its strange and curious smile might mean? Some say this sculpture was commissioned for the Iguana’s husband so he could gaze at her beauty for all time.

2. The Hedgehog. Ah, of course, the Hedgehog, tis’ one of my favorite pieces in this whole collection. A representation of how society can make you feel like you need to have spikes on your back to protect you, but you can always keep your belly soft for love.

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