25 People Who Know What It Means to Be Unlucky Better Than Anyone

Did you ever have one of those days where you just couldn’t shake your bad luck? First your alarm doesn’t go off, then you spill your coffee. Then your car runs out of gas and you get to the big meeting late. Then you end up getting the bad chair with no lumbar support. You forgot your lunch on the counter, your computer has a virus, you get stuck in traffic on the way home, and then you find out that your favorite TV show has been canceled.

That’s some bad luck, but there are unlucky people who have it way worse. They wake up late the next day, and their coffee maker explodes. Then their car falls apart on the freeway and they get to the meeting, but it’s a meeting to fire them. Their lunch is poison, their computer’s on fire, they have to hitchhike in the rain, then they find out their TV has been stolen.

Now that’s some bad luck.

1. Onions are supposed to make you cry, but not like this: Imagine it: you’re getting ready to make some delicious French onion soup. You get all your onions together and start peeling. Then, you see that you have to keep peeling. You’ve come across a recursive onion, and now the tears are real.

2. Sometimes we end up making our own bad luck: Sometimes bad luck is just a product of an unforgiving universe, waiting to strike you down for your hubris. Sure, you thought it was a great idea to try and wash a feather pillow in a machine, but karma had other plans for you. Next time, just hand wash it.

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