16 Unnecessarily Wasteful Things That Drive Us Bonkers

It’s the year 2018, you would think that by now people would be reducing the amount of unnecessarily wasteful things in their lives. We’re supposed to be living in this advanced and incredibly efficient world by now. Unfortunately, the unnecessarily wasteful things have not gone away. In fact, they have gotten much worse. Below you will find the most unnecessarily wasteful things that people posted on Reddit and Twitter.

1. When you have a Christmas tree or plants in your household, they look nice for a while, but eventually, they die and have to be thrown out. This one Reddit user (Flazoulin) posted a picture of someone who will never have to rake up the leaves or take out the tree. They will never have to water it again, but will have to keep the electricity on 24/7 to keep it running.

2. When we have things shipped, sometimes the packaging is a bit extreme. This Twitter user (DeLaNate) posted a picture of a package he received. The package had three pairs of socks and seven feet of air packaging. A bit extreme in my opinion.

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